ARTankara fair

  • Date12.03.2016
ARTankara fair Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has lots of artists, galleries and museums; has huge interest in modern arts and is thirsty for an art fair. In order to mobilize the arts and culture dynamics of Ankara, 1st ARTANKARA Fair which was awaited for a long time at the Capital has been realized between March 11-15, 2015 at ATO Congresium Congress and Exhibition Hall on an area of 5 thousand m2.

More than 5000 visitors have visited ARTANKARA fair on the first day. During the exhibition around 17,000 art-lovers have visited the exhibition by visiting the gallery stands and by joining the conferences and panels. 200 Turkish artists along with artists from different countries (Iran, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Russia, France etc.) have met art-lovers during ARTANKARA by exposing more than 2000 art-works.
Here you can see which of the artworks I like most. In the first three pictures me and the artists: Aysel Kul,Sermin Ciddi, Zekiye Tecim.
ArtAnkara fair—friend—Olga Keles.jpegArtAnkara fair—friend artist—Olga Keles.jpegArtAnkara fair—friend artist—Olga Keles.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-12.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-6.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-18.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-27.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-17.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-28.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-13.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-25.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-29.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-14.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-21.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-37.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-36.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-9.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-30.jpegimage-12-03-16-09-22-24.jpeg

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