About me

I draw since my childhood. Always, the best and easy come for me was a creation.The school where I studied painting, drawing, composition ,sculpture  and world culture, unbearably difficult so I finished it tired of the Art, I thought to myself that I will never come back to this way.

As the years passed, I worked as a model, has traveled, studied medicine, philosophy, psychology, color therapy, but the call of artistic creativity came to me more often, leaving traces in the form of pencil drawings l and paintings.

Probably the blood of creativity of my grandfathers (one was a painter, second was a sculptor) that flowed through my veins, pushed me into the world of art.
And now with my baggage of knowledge about philosophy and psychology, full of energy, inspiration and a huge number of innovative ideas, I decided to share them with the world by means of exhibitions and the Internet. Therefore, please accept it, inspire by it, because I can no longer keep it all inside of me.)))